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Diversified Functions to Redefine Gaming Experience

Looking for Gamers

Find active players in the E-pal game community for gaming online or game coaching by triggering the player finder and LFG functions. Share and create your unique game strategies in the game community being a game creator to obtain official rewards and additional income!

Interactive Entertainment

E-pal is an important platform to expand your social network with entertainments of E-chat online, watching movie together, and Karaoke to connect with game friends around the world.

Lifestyle Services is the best solution to balance game and emotional support as you can consolidate emotion with your game soulmate through sleep call, wake-up call, emotional support, etc. in addition to gaming with friends.

Over 1,000,000 users have experienced these amazing services in E-pal game community.

E-pal is a large online game interactive website to play games with friends. Since E-pal has attracted 100,000+ online ePals, you are easy to find players who have the same interests and personality with you to team up or for game coaching. E-pal is also an advanced game with friends app for you to experience other fantastic services of interactive entertainment and emotional support with your gaming friends worldwide.

Looking for Gamers in E-pal Game Community

1. Sign up to become an ePal first, and then enter the corresponding page according to your needs (LFG, interactive entertainment, or lifestyle services).

2. Looking for gamers who have common interests and hobbies with you through the filter. There are great numbers of gamers in E-pal game community for you to match online.

3. Click the chat button on the ePal’s details page to confirm the order with ePal and start enjoying ultimate gaming experience.

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E-Pal has made gaming enjoyable. It is great to have people that keep your head up when there are toxic teammates who try to tear you down.
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