About Us

E-Pal is a social platform for gamers to make friends worldwide through playing video games.

E-Pal is built by gamers, for gamers. We respect gamers for their passion and tenacity for the things they hold dear. Sadly, as we grow old and drift into the world of adulthood, gaming with friends becomes a luxury many people cannot experience. The social anxiety and pressure from the real world certainly aren’t helping either. At E-Pal, we want to build a bridge, a bridge that connects people from all over the world to enjoy their hobbies together.

The E-Pal community has two roles: ePals and Gamers. ePal is a group of passionate gamers who enjoy providing companionship to others. They are reviewed by the platform, they share about themselves, and they provide both free and paid companionship services to everyone. Gamers can choose to play with an ePal, or sign up as one to help others too.

The cornerstone of our community is companionship. We have helped more than a million gamers to find friends, coaches or even soul mates through games, voice chat and community connections. This impressive result is achieved with the help of more than 100 thousands ePals from all over the world, providing service and companionship to people in need. They are the pioneers of this industry, and they built this community.

We aim to become one of the largest gaming hubs in the world. We want to provide genuine connections to all while also helping ePals to support themselves for the services and time they provide. This is a bumpy ride, but it is a ride we will have together.

Address: 6885 Alton Pkwy, #200 Irvine, CA 92618 United State
Email: support@epal.gg
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