About E-Pal

E-Pal is the leading platform for fun and entertaining teamwork and socialization services for gamers. E-Pal offers gamers the ability to hire and play with the most engaging gamers, creators, and pros to sharpen their skills, ensure safe, toxic-free multiplayer sessions, or just socialize and talk about shared interests. All of E-Pal’s service providers are reviewed and approved to be on the platform as part of its commitment to offering a toxic-free experience for everyone.

Fun and entertaining means

The E-Pal experience is all about finding gamers just like you to have fun, game, and socialize with

Teamwork means

You can find ePals ready to get you through a tough level or be that key teammate in a competitive game, all without the toxicity of playing with randoms

Socialization means

It’s not just about playing games - besides being great gamers, ePals are social and engaging about a wide variety of topics that fit your interests, from movies to anime to everything in between

E-Pal is the best place to find SKILLED and POSITIVE teammates for your game of choice.

Teaching you the ropes means

ePals are experts in their game of choice and are happy to coach you towards better performance in-game

You need a carry means

Sometimes you just want to get through a hard match or level and ePals are ready and able to give you that boost

A competent teammate means

Positive and non-toxic team play is something that every ePal provides, because they know sometimes you just want a friendly partner in-game that knows what they’re doing

ePals have the same interests as you and have fun talking about things like movies, anime, and other topics in a safe and curated environment

Same interests means

ePals tag their accounts with things they like, so you can always find a perfect match whether you want to talk about the latest games or just have a casual conversation about life

Safe and curated means

All ePals are vetted and approved to give you peace of mind that every session will be safe and secure

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