About E-Pal

E-Pal is an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform chosen by 1,000,000 users. You can get carried both in-game and life here by real people. We provide real-person Interactive entertainment across hundreds of games and other interesting personalized social interactions. We are committed to bringing real and unique experiences to all the young people out there. Let's interact with delightful souls.

ePals are here when your friends are not online, need to duo or want to make new friends? Find an ePal here! Get coaches to help you rank up and improve your gaming skill. Game with streamers you like or just watch live streams to chill. Instant team up with random gamers! You can also experience more than 100 lifestyle services provided on our platform, such as emotional support, relationship advice, sleep call, etc.

E-Pal - Teammate Finder

As a comprehensive teammate finder and team finder, if you are looking for gamers, E-Pal is your best choice. E-Pal provides users with more than 100 popular online website games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty and so forth to find players to play games with. E-Pal.gg is good at meeting users' personalized needs and match perfect gamers through preferences and personality. Users, through the player finder, can search players of specific games to game with or find professional gamers for game coaching. Searching for ideal players through team finder to team up is also available in the E-PAL gaming community if users have the need of looking for groups.

E-Pal – Game Creator

E-Pal encourages ePals to create and share unique game strategies being a game creator in game communities to obtain official awards and become an influencer attracting more followers and new gamers. Game live streaming is gradually becoming a new way of being a game creator in the E-Pal game community.

E-Pal - Lifestyle Services

Giving out an ultimate gaming experience for users is what E-Pal strive for. A great deal of features is developing to maintain the intimate relationship between you and your game friends. E-Pal is well developed for easy access to interactive entertainment and lifestyle services (such as voice chat online, watch movies together online, sleep calls, wake-up calls, emotional support, relationship advice, etc.) to connect with others. Just invite friends to your online party in the E-PAL game community and meet gaming friends with similar interests and personalities!

E-Pal not only is a website to play games with friends, but also a game with friends app occupying the same function of looking for gamers as the website. Click the following link to download E-Pal App for free now!

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