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Post Contents to Win PS5 and Cash Bonus!

Leaderboard Week 3

Casper ^-^ 1627

_skibz 1128

Chanel 💋 821


Stayresse AKA Quack 447

Mele 389

rahul 369

duckiezoomie 360

♡ NyxAria ♡ 317

MoonPyes 315


As the launching of the brand-new Posts section, here comes the incentive plan for all the content creators and “posters”! Here are the details:


No. 1: PS5

No. 2: $200 Cash Bonus

No. 3: $100 Cash Bonus

No. 4~5: $50 Cash Bonus


1. This event last for 1 month, the leaderboard will be updated once a week. The settlement of this month would be at Jan 19th, 23:59 PST. Cash bonus will be sent to you in 5 working days after the event ends, PS5 will be shipped asap as long as there’s stock ready.

2. The ranking is listed based on Points you got. You can get points by the following

a. 1 Like of your post = 1 pts

b. 1 user replied your post = 4 pts (multiple replies from 1 user in one post is counted as 1 user, that is 4 pts)

c. If your post is original gaming content, all the points you got from the post will be doubled

3. Invited Content Creators: 200 initial pts

Users with Community Contributors role in main discord server: 200 initial pts

4. If your content is gaming related and is original, please add [OC] in the title

5. All the boosted Likes and replies will be detected and removed, and the related creator will be disqualified from this event.