5 days ago
A Basic Guide to Wave Manipulation Pt 3

The Mechanics of a Freeze: How to create, maintain, and break a Freeze.

Creating and Maintaining: The concept is relatively simple. You want to get the wave in a position where your minion count has roughly 2-3 less minions than your opponent's wave. This will slowly push towards your tower (see slow-push below) and you will end up getting to a point where the "freeze" will happen once the waves start to meet somewhere between the middle of the lane and the outside of your tower range. You want to maintain this minion difference to maintain the freeze.

Concept: The idea is that since the meeting point of the waves is a little bit closer to yours, your new minion waves will get there first, which would usually result in the opposing minion wave dying quicker (more minions on your side), but since they have a couple extra minions, when your wave gets there, as the last of your minions were dying, your opponent still had a couple minions left. Your wave will stop to fight those minions, while your opponents wave will push up the lane until it gets to where your wave is. You can then see how this repeats.

Tip: Alternatively, to set up a freeze, if your opponent tries to push a wave, but you can meet it before it hits your tower, you can kill all but two minions, and tank those minions outside of your tower range until your wave shows up...thus setting up a freeze. This is an example of how understanding the concept of a freeze can help to find other situations to set one up.

Another tip (for maintaining the freeze): You want to focus on maintaining the minion difference, which means if your opponent is not hitting the wave, you only want to last hit at the last possible moment. However, if your opponent is constantly pushing with auto-attacks or spells, you want to match that to keep the minion difference.

Breaking: For breaking a freeze, you typically have two options: (1) fast push their wave, causing your wave to hit their tower and reset; or (2) pretend to recall or roam in an attempt to trick your opponent in to fast pushing.

Tip: You'll see below why freezing can be very potent, and it can be difficult against certain champs to get to a point where you can try to break their freeze with a push, which is why calling your jungler to help is sometimes necessary, as your opponent likely will not be able to stop the two of you pushing.