8 months ago
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Dear E-Pal users, in order to continue to bring you innovative experiences, recently E-Pal has added some new cosplay characters and voice-related categories in Chilling services. Our ePals not only love games, but also are versatile in social entertainment. Currently, ePals have provided services in new categories. In order to thank you for your support and understanding of E-Pal, we will cash back for client and ePals of new categories in the next period of time.

Event Duration:

August 28 at 00:00, 2023 - September 15 at 24:00, 2023.(PST)

Event Rules:

1. For clients, if you place orders in the chilling service during the event, 10% cash back of your total payment during the event will be returned in the form of buff eventually.

2. For ePals, the chilling service order completed during the event duration will cash back your withdrawal fee in the form of cash eventually.

3. Reward Claim Date: September 18 at 00:00, 2023 - September 20 at 24:00, 2023.(PST).

Service Include:

Cosplay photo、Sweet-style photo、Lady-style photo、Vintage-style photo、Nerdy-style photo、Sporty-style photo、Street-style photo、Fashion-style photo、Cosplay voice chat、Anime voice chat、Cute voice chat、Lady voice chat、Boy voice chat、Gentle voice chat、Boss voice chat


1. Cheating and order swiping are prohibited. Violators will lose their reward qualifications and be dealt with in accordance with community guidelines.

2. Please strictly abide by the community guidelines, and report any violations to the E-Pal staff.

3. The final explanation of this event belongs to E-Pal.

4. For any assistance please contact the E-Pal staff Ryan on Discord: epalofficialryan.