2 months ago
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Hi guys, here is a pre heat for our brand new Influences Project event!

E-Pal Story - Bad Mood Eraser


September 18th at 00:00, 2023 - October 1st at 23:59, 2023. (PST)

People always have times to feel down or upset. At such times, there’s nothing more relaxing than starting a chill game on E-Pal, the entire game should make people feel fun and enjoyable, that’s why it’s called ”Bad Mood Eraser”. Please make the video under this theme, and MUST based on game "Fall Guys", also don’t forget to mention that we offer the first order free!


*The new influencer project will be hosted once every two weeks, and each time will have a theme content direction.

*E-Pal users can upload videos related to the topic of the current theme on Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitch.

*Please include the hashtag: #epal #epalgg

* After the video is released, the user can submit the video link to the E-Pal Liu, and each user can submit up to 5 videos during a single event duration.

*We will choose the video which fits the theme and has the good views to distribute rewards, which will be distributed in the next week after the event ends.

*Influencer certification is valid for 15 days and will disappear automatically after expiration.

*To evaluate the traffic effect of the video on E-Pal, you can contact the official staff Liu to obtain the trackable link.

* Any cheating violations are prohibited, and the final interpretation right belongs to E-Pal.

*Please contact E-Pal Liu on Discord if you have any question: epal_liu